Samuel Campoli

Composer        Audio Engineer        Songwriter

Samuel Campoli is a freelance composer and audio engineer based in Brooklyn, New York. Influenced by the likes of Jonny Greenwood, Jon Brion, and Brian Eno, Sam constructs pieces that float in between classical and ethereal soundscapes, inhabiting a dreamy, dark atmosphere.

Photo by Samuel Campoli

One Eye Single

One Eye Single


“Soft, ethereal vocals and a gentle rhythm section are accompanied by psych-friendly guitar textures, assembling a psych-forward blend of rock and folk that resonates”

Obscure Sounds

Featured on PrettyInNoise, Birp! and Obscure Sounds

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Upcoming Shows

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Photo by Adam Lytle


  • The Pause


    Richard Yeagley’s short documentary chronicles a year in the life of a couple making difficult decisions about parenthood. “The Pause” has been included in
    The New Yorker’s documentary series